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A2Z Dental

The Brief

A2Z Dental Clinic is a family owned dental practice offering the complete range of dental services in Geraldton. Being a self confessed “technophobe” and daunted by the website building process has prevented the client creating their online presence sooner. But that’s ok and totally understandable… lets face it, a dentist wouldn’t expect us to know how to remove a tooth or what a central incisor is? The business itself already had a strong corporate identity but required a modern and professional website to help increase new patients, build awareness around some specific speciality services that they can offer as well as educate their patients about oral health and the various treatments that they offer.

The Approach

As mentioned in the brief, I often find that a client hasn’t got a business website because they are somewhat intimated with the whole process and how to approach it. Sometimes likening it to… well “pulling teeth” (pun intended). I focus on following an easy to understand process and with simple language for everyday people to understand. With the website itself, ultimately going to the dentist isn’t on the top of everyone’s wish list. So it was important to create a vibrant and strong visual design that complimented the brand and may even help in making a visit to the dentist less daunting.

Being an industry with many various options, procedures and FAQs, a suite of educational videos was integrated into the site, as well as a detailed list of services and treatments to assist in educating patients at their own pace. This is not only advantageous for their patients but also for the client as they can easily refer people here for further information. Detailed written content combined with imagery and videos can also help with SEO (search engine optimisation) which improves their online visibility and helps them to rank well locally. A custom online form has been integrated encouraging patients to book through the website then and there whilst they are they’re online.

The Result

The client was extremely happy with the outcome and even enjoyed the process as well…but is now glad to leave the website to do it’s business, whilst they continue to focus on theirs. Having the patient educational information easily accessible through the website is a valuable resource which helps with streamlining internal processes, explaining complicated procedures more thoroughly and freeing up reception staff for other duties. In regards to their online visibility for key search terms, it has been steadily increasing since launching the site and they are now better able to promote some key service offerings.

Client Feedback

“Doing a website, was something we always put off, as it was in the too hard basket. Till we met Andrew. He basically did everything for us, he even suggested people we could use to in writing the website content.

With minimum effort, input and time from us Andrew came up with a great website. Can not praise him enough. He is almost like a magician.

Will highly recommend him to any-one thinking about a website.”

Jannie & Natachia Pieterse
A2Z Dental Clinic

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