How a basic website can streamline your business processes

When it comes to websites, costs can vary quite substantially depending on your requirements and the needs of your business. But you don’t need to completely break the bank to get a web solution that can make a big difference to your business.

I often get customers requesting simple, entry level websites for their business. A lot the time the main goal for these customers is to simply “get online”. They just want some type of online presence for potential customers to find when searching for related products or services.

It is a good strategy, however if you’re planning to create a even a basic website for your business, be sure you don’t overlook how some simple additions could potentially get your website “working” for you and saving you time.

I recently worked with with Clayton from Creams Specialised Services to create a simple, single page site for his business. It’s a great example of how even a basic website can work to save you time and streamline business processes. Creams Specialised Services offer heavy vehicle accreditations and other auditing services related to the transport industry.

Clayton spends a lot of time on the road and most of his enquiries come through his mobile phone. He’s suggested that having the website has stream lined his day to day tasks and made things easier for his customers.

“Being out on the road, it is often difficult to get to a computer and it was often left as the last task of the day to for me to send out any appropriate forms to customers that had made enquiries throughout the day. Since having the site I can take a customer enquiry on the phone and instantly direct the to the appropriate forms that are now listed on the site.

The customer can take action immediately and I can get back to my work without having to remember to send out a plethora of forms to various customers at the end of my day.”

So here’s 4 simple things to remember when you’re planning an online presence for you business.

  1. Be sure to clearly introduce your business and list any products and services you offer
  2. Make sure your phone number is easy to see and that it is correctly set up for “Click to Call”
  3. Consider the most common requests you receive from your customers. Is there any way you can service these requests online. (Online forms, PDF downloads, answers to commonly asked questions… etc.)
  4. Be sure to provide links to any active social media channels