Batavia Concrete – An Online Success

Business Website – Case Study

Scoop Design was approached by Josh Wilson from Batavia Concrete in 2013 to create a new website for his Geraldton based concrete business. The project was great success and 6 months on we’ve been able to report some really positive results.

This job is a great example of how a well crafted website can make a big difference to a business. I recently conducted the following interview with Josh to help give a clear overview of what his goals were with his project and how the website has made an impact on his business.

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Why did you feel you needed to create a new website for Batavia Concrete?

We previously had a website for our business which was provided by Yellow Pages. The site was really basic, it was expensive to run and didn’t present the business in a very professional light. There was very little information about our products and it also didn’t show up in the search engines at all.

I felt that as a business, we were losing touch with our online customers. 

Did you have any particular goals in mind relating to what you wanted out of your new website?

Firstly, I wanted our website to show up before our competitors in the search engines. I wanted the new site to have a professional finish to present our business as a well established, professional operation.

We also needed a way to clearly present all the concrete products that we offer. We have a wide range of colours and finishes available and it was important to me that our customers could get online and make informed decisions about our products 

How has your new website has made difference to your business?

We’re receiving more enquiries from customers that have searched for concrete in Google. These enquiries were previously all being lost to our competitors as we just weren’t showing up in the search engines.

When we have a customer on the phone, the website also works as a great communication tool. We can direct people to a particular page and talk them through the various colours, finishes and cost variations for each product.

After around 3 months of the site being completed, we started showing up on the first page in Google for all of our relevant search terms. We’re now at the top of the page and outranking our competitors.

Now that we know that our business is so well represented in the search engines, we can afford to spend less on some traditional advertising methods that used to take a up a large portion of our annual advertising budget.

How would you describe your experience dealing with Scoop Design for your web project?

 Andrew provided a very relaxed process in setting up our website. I wasn’t comfortable trying to set up my own website and was not sure what I needed to provide to set one up but Andrew made it really easy and my new site is more than than what I expected.

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