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Hawes Heritage

The Brief

MHHI or Monsignor Hawes Heritage Inc. is a not for profit organisation focused on establishing the Monsignor Hawes Heritage project as a heritage tourism icon of global significance. The client required a website to document the life work of Architect John Hawes with a view to preserve and promote the legacy of Monsignor John Cyril Hawes.  Part of the brief was to create a website that would appeal to residents and tourists both locally and internationally, encouraging them to learn, discover and visit.

The Approach

With a large amount of written information, imagery and audio to present to a broad audience all over the world, the website has been created with clear navigation and direction that can be easily understood and followed. An easy to use content management system was implemented which allows the user to add text, photos, audio files and videos as required. With international interest and relevance, an interactive map was integrated into the home page which displays the various historic sites around the world linking each map location. These link the map locations with a detailed listing about each site containing written descriptions, image galleries and audio files relating to the particular building.  The website also hosts information relating to the Monsignor Hawes Heritage Centre in Geraldton and acts as a valuable resource for tourists in the Midwest Region.

The Result

The result is a truly amazing website regarded as a valuable resource for visitors to the Midwest as well as historians from across the globe. Showcasing images and information relating to some incredibly unique buildings around the world, the site engages new and existing admirers with the ability to access desired content in an easy online resource.  It also provides international connection and encourages visitors to visit sites around Geraldton the Midwest.

Other Work