Website design displayed on a laptop and mobile display

Mariella Skin

The Brief

MARIELLAskin is a line of beauty and skincare products by Mariella Minniti, a talented and driven beauty therapist and business owner who is passionate about beauty therapy and beauty products. Having recently launched her own line of beauty and skincare products, she required a website that would give her brand and products a professional, clean and modern online presence. Importantly, the site also needed to assist her to sell products direct to the public online as well as allowing her retailers and resellers the ability to place their orders through the site.

The Approach

With a core demographic and target market that typically spends more time on a mobile device as opposed to a desktop computer, having a custom designed mobile-First website was crucial. Another essential element was the integration of a powerful online store as well as a reseller login feature which allows the site to have 2 sets of prices – one being for direct to public sales and the other for retailers and resellers. Other features include a gift card tool that automatically generates coupon codes and then emails the recipient, plus the integration of the “Afterpay” option which is increasingly gaining traction in the eCommerce world. These requests all mixed with a clean, simple and minimalist visual design, reflect the simple aesthetics of the brand and the product packaging. 

The Result

The MARIELLAskin website has been well received and through a strong social media campaign has been receiving a consistent stream of orders since launching. More recently, we identified of the opportunity to help build a database of customers for ongoing marketing purposes, and have integrated an email signup form on the website.

Other Work