Why use WordPress CMS?

WordPress is a fantastic CMS platform for a whole swag of reasons. These recent figures indicate that WordPress is used by 17.5% of the top 1 million websites. That is a huge market share of over 50%.

Below I’ve detailed a few reasons why wordpress is such a popular CMS.

WordPress sites can grow

I often have people come to me that already have a website. The website was well suited to their business when they were just starting out, but now they have grown and their site hasn’t grown with them. A great benefit of building your site in WordPress is that your site can grow with your business.

Engagement with your audience

With such a  large, well supported development community, WordPress has an incredible amount of functionality that can be added via the use of plugins. Blog comments, E-commerce solutions, Social Media Linking, Polls, Contact and Enquiry Forms… All these are relatively simple to implement for a WordPress site. This results in less time for your web developer to add custom funtionality and ultimately results in a lower running cost.

It’s easy to use

Over the years I’ve tried using a range different CMS’s  for my customers. Based on feedback from my customers and a fair bit of research it seems that WordPress simply can’t be beaten for a great balance of flexibility and ease-of-use. If you can use microsoft word, then making basic changes to the content on your WordPress site is easily achieved.

All my sites are also provided with comprehensive video user training manuals, which make using them easy for even basic web users.

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is a very search engine friendly CMS platform. Sites built on WordPress often rank higher than sites built on other platforms because WordPress website code is generally cleaner, so search engines can better understand what search terms to rank the site for. Another reason is due to the many SEO plugins available for WordPress which extend its SEO capability much further than many other platforms.

A huge Range of free Plugins available

There are literally thousands of plugins or “apps